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Woudstraat 8
3600 Genk

Who is AR Metallizing?

AR Metallizing is the innovative world leader in the production of metabolized papers, boards and films for flexible packaging and labels.

Its products are used in the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, entertainment and consumer good sectors.  AR Metallizing’s products set a new standard for the premium packaging and high-end labeling industries.

Clients appreciate AR Metallizing’s market knowledge and effective, responsible supply chain management.

AR Metallizing’s products ensure a premium look by combining the eye-catching qualities of metallized boards, papers and films with technical performance, print graphics and multiple design possibilities.

As a result, AR Metallizing has been driving consumer engagement for over 40 years.

In 2015 AR Metallizing became a subsidiary of Nissha, a Japanese listed multinational corporation.  AR Metallizing thrives with over 450 highly committed and passionate employees.


  • Enveloppes personnalisées / imprimées
  • Boîtes et emballages en carton
  • Emballages en carton
  • Emballages en carton imprimés
  • Etiquettes d'emballage

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