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115, Bd Industriel
1070 Anderlecht

Autajon Group

Autajon is a manufacturer of folding cartons, labels, set-up boxes and POS, for various market sectors such as Perfumes & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Wine & Spirits as well as Confectionery (Chocolate-Coffee-Tea)…


Packaging is Group Autajon’s “raison d’être”. Since the company’s founding in 1964, packaging functions have changed considerably. Today, it has become a fundamental factor in the act of purchasing ; it is an inseparable part of the product image… it is a key factor to success for something new in all business sectors.

The Packaging Division of Group Autajon addresses the needs of all branded products.
It offers to those who design and manufacture such products a broad range of services and, above all, technical solutions, guidance on issues of logistical optimization and customized research for ideas that are both creative and cost-effective.

Autajon has only one ambition : to communicate our passion for Packaging in order to raise your brand’s message and your products to the highest possible level.


  • Emballages et display's
  • Boîtes et emballages en carton
  • Emballages en carton
  • Emballages en carton imprimés
  • Etiquettes d'emballage

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