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Jolainstraat 44
8554 Sint-Denijs

We are Wood Polymer Composite!

Since founding in 2000 as a strictly technology focused company, Beologic is solely orientated in Wood Plastic Polymers. This is a unique position in the WPC environment.

Composites in general

Wood Polymer Composites are a wide field of research and development. It is still a popular fallacy that it is just waste wood and a kind of polymer mixed together and pressed through an extrusion die or into the cavity of an injection mould. State-of-the-art WPC compounds are far away from that. They contain lots of know-how in wood conditioning, treatment and stabilizing of polymers as well as knowledge about inserting additives and about processing. Beologic is spending main part of its endeavour to continuously bringing forward formulations.


  • WPC - Wood Plastic Composites

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