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Romeinsesteenweg 468
1853 Strombeek Bever

Sales office Burgo Group

About Burgo Group

Burgo Group is one of the European’s leading producers of coated and specialty papers.

Today Burgo Group is a complete system developed around the world of paper: production, distribution, paper recycling and processing of forestry products, the study, design, construction and engineering of paper industry plant systems, but also factoring and energy.

A full range of top quality papers, creation of new solutions, aptitude for new product research and development, care for the environment: all of this sums up a dynamism indicative of our drive for continuous growth. And thanks to this Burgo Group can claim to be a partner and benchmark in the graphics, printing and publishing sectors.

A way of interpreting and conducting our business that sees it as an integral part of a much wider system. So it will be no surprise that sustainable growth is a core concept for Burgo Group, one found in each and every process, from the purchase and utilisation of resources to purification of waste water or optimisation and reuse of production waste to generate energy.

Burgo Group is committed to expand its business and transform its know-how for application in other strategic areas,  such as paper product distribution, engineering and energy.

About Burgo Benelux

Historical hints Our branch is responsible for the markets in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Coated woodfree paper represents 70% of our sales and we owe our notoriety to the Burgo Ardennes paper mill located in Virton, South Belgium. Today Burgo Benelux equally represents the Burgo and Mosaico brands.
Sales goals Satisfying our customers by offering a complete range of products together with a top-rate service. Thanks to the vicinity of the Burgo paper mill in Virton, Burgo Benelux is, to all effects and purposes, a truly strategic market.
Sales specialisation One of the most complete selections on the market ranging from coated papers (woodfree and woodcontaining) to uncoated papers and including graphic, industrial and specialty papers.
Target Markets Wholesalers, offset and gravure printers, publishers of books, magazines and periodicals, communication agencies and retailers.

FSC certified papers

Publication papers:
– LWC offset:
Uno Web
Uno Web White
Uno Web Silver
Uno Web Maxi 1.3
Educa- LWC Rotogravure:
Uno Roto
Uno Roto White
Uno Roto Extra White
Uno Roto Silver

– MWC:
Uno Prime
Uno Bright

– Sheetfed:
Educa Print

Digital Papers:
– Inkjet, treated high speed:
EVO HS Plus- Laser:
Experia Digi coated
Experia Digi natural








Fine Papers:
– Sheet fed – Heatset:
Respecta Bulky 1.1
Respecta 60
Respecta 100- Rotogravure:
Respecta RTC

– Premium Papers and boards:
Passion 1.3
Texa Linen
Prisma Up



  • Carton graphique
  • Papier graphique (pour imprimeries)

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