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Villalaan 17
9320 Erembodegem

About Interholco

Interholco (IHC) is one of the leading international suppliers of African logs and lumber. The company has decades of experience in procurement and production on the African continent and has a flexible approach to specific requirements. With its own production facility (IFO) in the Republic of Congo, customers are served with high quality and FSC-certified timber. Trading partners in several countries and locations assure flexible and fast service for our customers.

Our in-house sawmill in Africa

Interholco has its own production plant in the Republic of Congo, IFO (Industrie Forestière d’Ouesso).

We hold an FSC® Forest Management 1 certification for our 1.16 million hectares (2.9 million acres) forest management unit.

It is the largest FSC certified timber concession in the tropics.

Our goal is to manage forests well and sustainably, to secure a long-term supply of high-quality wood.

The tropical forests in West- and Central Africa are valuable renewable resources. Development of a sustainable forest and wood economy is an economic and social incentive for the population to maintain the forest cover. It has to be determined which forest areas are available on a long-term basis for forestry and which, due to their uniqueness, have to be preserved as protected areas and national parks.


  • Bois tropicaux
  • Kosipo
  • Afrormosia
  • Afzelia
  • Angelim vermelho
  • Ayous
  • Azobe
  • Bangkirai
  • Bilinga
  • Dibetou
  • Fraké - Limba
  • Ipé
  • Iroko
  • Jatoba
  • Koto
  • Meranti
  • Dark Red Meranti (DRM)
  • Light Red Meranti (LRM)
  • Merbau
  • Moabi
  • Movingui
  • Okoumé
  • Padouk
  • Sapeli
  • Sipo
  • Wengé
  • Résineux
  • Douglas
  • Pin
  • Western Red Ceder (WRC) - Cèdre rouge
  • Bois scié - feuillus tempérés
  • Chêne
  • Chêne d'Europe
  • Chêne d'Amérique
  • Erable
  • Hêtre
  • Merisier - cerisier
  • Noyer
  • Bois lamellé-collé

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